Biz Trans Consulting helps in transforming your business for better.

Lean Management / Lean Manufacturing

Lean is a technique to make your organisation agile, swift, mean, responsive and frugal so as to compete in the ever-changing world. It is a never-ending exercise. But then the basic lean fundamentals got to be in place for you to take on the competition and not only survive in the business but thrive.

Biz Trans coaches and develops the systems to be lean. So whether it is a bad business environment/ market condition or good, you would lead.

We help you inculcate LEAN culture to be practiced at all times so that you would not be subjected to the vagaries of markets.

Be it 5S, Kaizen, VSM/TFM, TPM, TSM, and all other TQM concepts, we shall train you employees in and implement in your organisations to get the desired results.