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Energy Management

Through our partner, we are actively involved in promoting energy efficiency and developing potential projects under the Clean Development Mechanism. Our vast services in this area are as follows


Energy Efficiency & Conservation

  • Diagnostic Energy Audit Studies
  • Detailed Energy Audit Studies
  • Thermal Energy Audits
  • Electrical Energy Audits
  • DSM (Demand Side Management) Studies
  • Utility audits
  • Sectoral studies
  • Implementation of energy conservation measures through ESCO
  • Water Balance Studies / Water Audits
  • Compressed Air Audits

Carbon Advisory Services / Clean Development Mechanism(CDM)

  • CDM Registration
  • VER - Under VCS
  • VER'S - Under CCX
  • ERPA Agreements
  • Selling of CER'S / VER'S
  • Carbon Foot Print Studies
  • Carbon Neutral Studies
  • sustainability Studies
  • CDM Registration on Success Fee basis

Renewable Energy Services

  • Resourse Assessment Studies
  • Solar Power Plants DPR's, PPA
  • Biomass Power Plants
  • Biogas
  • Wind Energy - PRF Assessment
  • Hydel Power Projects - DPR's

Training Services

  • Capacity building in Energy Efficiency
  • Capacity building in Climate Change Issues
  • Renewable Energy
  • Energy Auditor / Energy Manager Certification Course
  • Green Auditor Certification