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Innovating to stay ahead - Kirloskar Group

Innovating to stay ahead - Kirloskar group:

 'You guys are like a government company. You take forever to respond, even to big problems,' is what a customer told Mr. Alok Kirloskar MD of SPP Pumps, part of Kirloskar Brothers when he did not reveal his identity and asked for a frank feed-back.

Shocked, at least we are not. This is the case with varying degrees in majority of the organisations; either they are not clearly aware of or did not take any action if one is aware of.

Mr.Alok Kirloskar acted upon it and made sure customer queries are cleared in 3 minutes instead of 3 months which they earlier used to take, just to give an example.

Biz Trans precisely helps the companies to identify this kind of latent pain areas and resolve the same. Innovate to be different from others. We shall help you do that.