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Improving inventory management of a manufacturing plant

case Study

Improving Inventory Management of a manufacturing company

This manufacturing company which belongs to a big business conglomerate wanted to improve their inventory management as they realised ‘a penny saved is penny earned’. Biz Trans streamlined their systems for effective and continuous improvements which brought substantial savings to the company and the icing on the cake is a culture of continuous improvement that has been inculcated.


To study and improve the operations of the Stores and Inventory management system


Understanding the present practices was the first step. It was identified that while the employees were aware of the concepts, they were not able to implement for various reasons. Hence the procedural systems have been streamlined to make the system work smoothly. Identified time consuming and fire-fighting activities to make sure the bottlenecks were removed. Through inventory classification and analysis showed there existed a lot of dead and non-moving inventory. Control systems have been put in place for the management to monitor and take actions at right time so that present situation does not recur.


Clearing dead and non-moving inventory resulted in cash. Better design and implementation of control systems resulted in having a focused and timely reviews to keep inventory under control. This led to making suppliers more responsible for timely deliveries, right quantity and quality thus creating better vendor management system.