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Rich getting richer and poor becoming poorer day by day in globalised era:

Rich getting richer and poor becoming poorer day by day in globalised era:

There have been many studies pointing out that in a capitalist economy rich would get richer and poor the poorer. It was once again reiterated in a recent study conducted in US that after the recent recession in 2008, the gap between rich and poor still further widened. Between 2009 and 2012 the top 1% incomes (of super rich) have increased by 31.4% and the rest 99% incomes grew only 0.4%.


I do not think the scenario is any different in other countries as well including India. On one side we have a few people with multi-million dollar homes, a few private aircrafts (some Indians even have 9), luxury yachts and on the other hand we have quite a few million Indians struggling to find their daily bread. While there were fewer than 40 private personal jets in 2005 in India, in a span of 7 years the number increased more than fourfold to 165 and is expected that 400 more jets would be added to this number in the next 5 years. No wonder ‘fractional jet ownership’/chartered companies like VistaJet, NetJet, Invision and Baron Eagle are also doing a roaring business in India because of substantial increase in the number of ultra rich Indians. Isn’t it the irony?

Can we think of a win-win situation? While we do not mind rich becoming richer but we want poor also become better. That’s what we call ‘transcending beyond business’. Biz Trans helps in achieving the same at least in your organisation.