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Objectivity and Rationality – Myths in Management

Objectivity and Rationality – Myths in Management

I was inspired to write this piece after reading an article in Economic Times. The author tried to argue that cultures the people across the globe are brought up in, are different and hence perceptions of objectivity, rationality and most importantly the Truth. And he says the western thought which dominates the management space today is a myth and neither rational nor real.

While I do not disagree with him to a great extent, there never existed objectivity and rationality in management. There never existed a universal management style. World gets swayed by the success and not objectivity and rationality. Western world (specially US and Western Europe) being the developed world in the beginning of 20th century, the management style and philosophies of these places have become more of a norm and a typical management style. In the second half of 20th century, the rapid pace of growth achieved by Japan caught everyone’s attention and people (who dismissed the same in the initial stages) started studying what is known as Japanese management style.

It is highly unlikely that you as an Indian would love an authentic Italian Pizza in Italy. So there is no other way but to tweak according to local conditions whether it is pizza or a management style. There is nothing like Indian management style just because we are not considered successful in the world. Once India becomes a developed economy (the possibility of which I do not see in the near future or should I say in my life time) then the whole world would theorise the Indian Management Style even there exists none. If it existed, it is there today as well but no one wants to take note of it because the bottom line is India is not successful.

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The article of Economic Times I mentioned can be read here.