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Kill the root-cause not just the symptoms

Kill the root-cause not just the symptoms


I always tell my people that we as managers are like doctors. If we have fever, immediate reaction is to take a tablet of paracetamol. It will subside the temperature for some time and fever will surface again. So we go to the doctor to find out the root cause of this symptom called fever/temperature. Doctor is the trained guy to identify the root-cause of this symptom, may be a viral infection, food poisoning etc., and prescribe the right medicine to wipe out the root cause and not the symptom per se.


Manager’s job like a doctor, is to do the right diagnosis and prescribe the solution for the problems faced by the organization. I was reading the newspaper in the morning, where it was mentioned in Ahmedabad, whoever urinates in public will be punished with a fine of Rs.200. I just asked myself, will anyone do it in public place for fun unless he is a lunatic. The answer is no. He does it because of his physiological compulsions. Where would he go to relieve himself? The actual problem is lack of public toilet facilities. Shouldn’t the government be think of providing the facilities rather than spending money on Nuisance Detection Squad (NDS). It will be another team like traffic police team taking bribes and letting off people and not meeting the objective.


That’s why some times, I feel the government departments have extremely poor managers. Classic example is on busy roads, municipal authorities give permission to construct multi-storied commercial complexes without sufficient parking space for the tenants even let alone visitors. Where will the shoppers or visitors to offices, park their vehicles? On the roads. The police will promptly will come collect the fines as road is not a parking area. I cannot stop laughing at the obvious stupidity. If you provide facility and still the guy parks his vehicle on the road, then shove it off and fine him; but first make necessary arrangements or give permissions to builders accordingly to take care of these issues.