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Human Appetite for fame, name, power and MONEY

Human Appetite for fame, name, power and MONEY

Human appetite is satiable (in literal sense) but same appetite for power, fame and money is insatiable whether you are an Indian or an American. What money and power can give a human? As per our classic Maslow’s theory, basic needs, security, social and esteem needs. Do we ever reach the fifth stage? World is becoming more and more materialistic. In one of the surveys conducted by Coca-cola, it clearly came out that the primary ambition of young Indians irrespective of where they live is to “become rich”.

The thought came to me when I was reading a news article last week that Renault’s COO Carlos Tavares has resigned. Any problems with company management or boss? No. He wanted to become CEO and that’s not possible at Renault. When he went to another Carlos, his boss - the CEO of Renault Carlos Ghosn; Ghosn emphatically rejected Tavares’ idea of increasing his power base which he put forward (as he cannot dream of CEO in Renault). So came the resignation. Would it affect the company? I personally doubt. These organisations grown beyond individuals who are dispensable and they run on systems.

Would you like your company also to become one such robust one. Biz Trans will help you become one. No matter whether one leaves or not, your company will flourish.

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