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Good systems can improve efficiency dramatically

Good systems can improve efficiency dramatically:

On the other day I was talking to one of my ex-MBA students, who was narrating the ordeals he hasd to go through to get permission to set up a factory right from registration and bribing innumerable number of government employees. I was trying to analyse as to how things can be improved and common man is spared of this head-ache and corruption.

I feel there is a simple way if government wants to do. Only two things are needed to make systems simpler especially in the era of IT.

- Allow the applicant to upload all the required documents on line and give a due date when he can expect the licences etc., (with max. Time limit fixed). Application will not be accepted until all necessary details are given.

- Inform the applicant by e-mail that his license has been issued, once done and he can print it if he wants to. In fact there should not be any need for a hard copy as it has to be there permanently in government records. One should be able to retrieve it whenever it is needed.

In this way entire human interface can be eliminated and so is corruption. So the government employees are only for back-end work. Transparency is the crux.

Even in organisations, we have proved time and again that good systems make a huge difference and there has been tremendous amount of research done. So it is nothing new.

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